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April 15, 2017 by: Bob Thomason

AACMS’ fifth annual Celebrate the Arts

AACMS’ fifth annual Celebrate the Arts

The AACMS’ fifth annual Celebrate the Arts fundraising event which will be held on Saturday, May 6, 2017 at Cedar Crest College. Last year we hosted more than 200 community leaders, business owners and student families who gathered to support the AACMS and be entertained by the AACMS students.

The AACMS provides a challenging and rigorous academic and arts-integrated environment for students who travel from more than 25 school districts every day. Students have the opportunity to study visual arts, dance, figure skating, theater, vocal and instrumental music. For five years the school has enriched the lives of its students, inspiring them to continue their exploration of the arts and to become the creative problem solvers we need for the future.

The AACMS is a tuition-free public middle school that receives only 75% of what each student’s parent school district receives for the same student. The parent school districts retain the remaining 25%. This translates to a nearly $1.2 million funding gap for the AACMS. We rely on our donations, sponsorships and our annual major fundraising event to lessen the funding gap

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